ISSN: 1304-7191 | E-ISSN: 1304-7205
The analysis of risk assessment for the transmission of COVID-19 by using PROMETHEE and ELECTRE methods
1Department of Industrial Engineering, Samsun University, Samsun, 55080, Turkiye
2Department of Industrial Engineering, Beykent University, Istanbul, 34398, Turkiye
Sigma J Eng Nat Sci 2023; 41(2): 232-242 DOI: 10.14744/sigma.2023.00035
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Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) methods help researchers in solving many prob-lems in terms of numerical analysis. However, MCDM methods have not been very popular in the health sector. In this study, five ones of Turkey’s most intense and highly populated cities were selected and the risk of the spread of Covid-19 disease was evaluated on the basis of seven criteria. The PROMETHEE and the ELECTRE methods were conducted to rank the cities in terms of the spread of Covid-19. The PROMETHEE method correctly ranked the most risky city as Istanbul, but ELECTRE ranked Istanbul the second most risky. The results of the meth-ods are compared with real data. PROMETHEE gave more convenient results than ELECTRE. Also, this paper offers a new field of study to the literature.