ISSN: 1304-7191 | E-ISSN: 1304-7205
Fluorine Accumulations in Drinking Water of Havsa District (Edirne, Turkey) and Assessment of Water Quality in Terms of Teeth Health
1Trakya University, Department of Laboratory Technology, EDIRNE
2Trakya University, Department of Pediatric Dentistry, EDIRNE
Sigma J Eng Nat Sci 2018; 36(3): 887-894
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This study was carried out to determine the fluorine accumulations in groundwater of Havsa District, where is located in the Edirne Province of Turkey in Thrace Region. Drinking water samples were collected from 15 stations including almost all the residential areas of the Havsa District in winter season of 2016. Fluorine concentrations of water samples were determined by using a spectrophotometer and Cluster Analysis (CA) was applied to detected data in order to classify the groundwater of investigated residential areas according to fluorine contents. Geographic Information System (GIS) was also used in order to make a visual explanation by presenting distribution map of fluorine contents and detected data were evaluated according to national and international quality criteria. And also the detected data were evaluated in terms of teeth health of local people, who constantly drinks this water. According to data observed, the fluorine concentrations in the Havsa District were determined between 0.006 ppm (Bakışlar Village) – 0.567 ppm (Hasköy Village). According to the results of CA, 2 statistically significant clusters were formed as “Updistrict Cluster” with higher fluorine contents and “Downdistrict Cluster” with lower fluorine contents.