ISSN: 1304-7191 | E-ISSN: 1304-7205
Analysis of the motion of a rigid rod on a circular surface using interpolated variational iteration method
1Department of Civil Engineering, Kocaeli University, Kocaeli, Türkiye
2Department of Geomatics Engineering, Kocaeli University, Kocaeli, Türkiye
3Department of Engineering Sciences, Abdullah Gul University, Kayseri, Türkiye
Sigma J Eng Nat Sci 2022; 40(3): 577-584 DOI: 10.14744/sigma.2022.00062
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In this paper, interpolated variational iteration method (IVIM) is applied to investigate the vibration period and steady-state response for the motion of rigid rod rocking back and forth on a circular surface without slipping. The problem can be considered as a strongly nonlinear oscillator. In this solution procedure, analytical variational iteration technique is utilized by evaluating the integrals numerically. The approximate analytical results produced by the presented method are compared with the other existing solutions available in the literature. The advantage of using numerical evaluation of integrals, the method becomes fast convergent and a highly accurate solution can be obtained within seconds. The authors believe that the presented technique has potentially wide application in the other nonlinear oscillation problems.