ISSN: 1304-7191 | E-ISSN: 1304-7205
Reliability assessment of radial networks via modified RBD analytical technique
1Electrical Engineering Department, Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, ISTANBUL
2Electrical Eng. Dep., Yildiz Technical University, Esenler-ISTANBUL
Sigma J Eng Nat Sci 2017; 35(4): 717-726
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Reliability evaluation based on two basic methods namely, historical assessment and predictive assessment. In addition, predictive reliability techniques used in power system analysis can be divided into two main categories: analytical analysis and simulation analysis. In analytical techniques, the reliability indices are calculated directly from a simplified mathematical model that represent the system. Reliability Block Diagram is basically used to assess the reliability of networks contain only one source and one load. The main contribution of this paper that develops Reliability Block Diagram as an analytical technique to assess the radial networks reliability with one source and multiple loads in combinations with failure mode and effect analysis technique. To show the applicability of the proposed technique, a numerical example with three different case studies is investigated. Modified Reliability Block Diagram technique is appropriate for radial networks with multiple load points, simpler and more applicable than other analytical techniques such as Markov Analysis and Fault Tree Analysis.